by Martin Larsson
Photos by Bruno D' Amico

The 5th Annual Smoky Hollow Carving Show was held under a tent-covered patio at the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation building in La Crescenta, Glendale, CA on June 9 & 10, 2001.

Our Featured Carver this year was Steve Eisele ,who's work has appeared on the cover of the Nov-Dec 2000 issue of the Chip-Chats magazine. We also presented William Churchill of Anaheim, renowned sculptor of Western Themes displaying his outstanding works of art.

48 carvers entered 76 pieces for judging in 32 different categories and Chief Judge Virgil Krueger and his crew are to be commended for a job well done.

Best-of-show was claimed by Bill Churchill, Best-table-display by Robert Pearson, Peoples-choice Award by Jose Sabroso, Gary Perkins Contest by Robert Johnson.

Whittling Contest on Sunday, results were: Mac McLaughlin - Advanced Cliff Arnhart - Novice David Taylor - Junior

This years Show Committee: George Smith, President, Joe Larsson, Ceasar Rotundo, Sue Noel, Chuck Korian, Carol Roper, Hud Bright, Ray Landry and the whole Chapter. Tally People : Gail Larsson-French, Charlene Haley and Sue Noel.

Once again we gave a special prize in honor of Gary Perkins. It was a hand made plaque, done by Stew Stanford ...The winner was Robert Johnson of San Diego, CA.

Having read all of the above, we would now advise you to read the following names, who have garnered these awards;

Competition Winners Were:

First: David Birch, B. Churchill (2), R Ford, V. Hopson, W. Johnson, R. Johnson, V. Krueger, M. Larsson, R. Pearson and C. Rotundo.
Second: S. Eisele, V. Hopson, J. Hopson, R. Johnson, R. Knight, V. Krueger, M. Larsson, R. Landry (2), M. McLaughlin, R. Richter (2), and J. Sabroso.
Third: H. Bright, S. Eisele, J. Girtner, J. Hopson and J. Sabroso.

First: D. Golden,C. Mitchell, G. Smithand K.Takashima (2).
Second: W. Bonin, )EL Jakeway, C. Korian, B. McNeil C. Mitchell, M- Martin (2), D. Pierce C. Williams and A Yoak r1).
Third: D. Golden, H.Jakeway, R. Pollone (2), G. Smith, A. Stan and C. Williams.

First: Debra Birch and C. Spahr.
Second : S.Fogarty (2), P. Lane, Y. Lin (2), C. Papner and W. Scarrow.
Third: D. Burgess(2), D. Boertje(2), J. Lane, D. Stage and B. Taylor.

Third : David Taylor.